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Analysis of food

Analysis of food and feed

  •  Determination of Fipronil in food and feed
  • Determination of hydrocarbons from mineral oils in foodstuffs and materials in contact with foodstuffs
  • Determination of alkaloids (Atropine, Scopolamine) in food and feed
  • Determination of phthalates in foodstuffs
  • Determination of 37 fatty acids including 3 and 6 omega
  • Identification of GMOs by PCR

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Analysis of food
Laboratory from 2013 conducted special analyzes of food products and their raw materials.
Industrial applications
Purity control components for the automotive industry and electrochemical required by EN ISO standards.
Analysis of fuels
Laboratory from 2011 conducted analyzes of solid and liquid fuels. In 2014 the company expanded its services to include analysis of gases.