About us

Since its inception in 1992, the EKOLAB testing laboratory in Košice has worked with analyses of individual environmental components.

The laboratory and its staff were continuing from long experience in the analysis of drinking water and wastewater and sludge. In the following years, in the context of the evolving legislation and customer requirements, it broadened its activities and analyses to include waste samples, soil, emissions, the work environment, food and other industrial products.


The EKOLAB Košice laboratory performs:

  • Physical - chemical analyses of
    • water (drinking, underground, surface, mineral, table, waste, technological, etc.)
    • waste and its aqueous extracts
    • soils and their leachates
    • samples of emissions and working environment
    • food and feed
    • other products
  • Microbiological and biological analyses of
    • water (drinking, purified water, underground, surface, mineral, table, waste, etc.)
  • Microbiological analysis
    • food and feed
    • toxicity tests
    • water (waste)
    • waste and its aqueous extracts
  • Checking cleanliness of components in the automotive and electronics industry
  • Analysis of fuels (coal, alternative fuels and biofuels, petrol and diesel)
  • Analysis of gases
  • Analysis of plastics
  • Analysis of odour concentration released from solid, liquid and gaseous environment
  • Analyses are carried out within the scope of the requirements of legal regulation following standard procedures