Since 2010 EKOLAB has been working with special analysis of organic materials:

The test laboratory is provided with modern laboratory equipment (atomic absorption spectrophotometers, emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma, automatic titrator, gas and liquid chromatography with MS or MS / MS detection, gas chromatography GC x GC for determining complicated mixes of organic substances, equipment for preparing samples for analysis, etc.) that enable us to offer a range of services in the field of physical-chemical, organic and toxicological analyses. It also has highly qualified staff capable of performing a wide range of analyses for analysing water.

  1. Determination of pesticides: organochlorine insecticides, organophosphates, glyphosate, triazines, carbamates, neonicotinoid pesticides, acidic herbicides, ammonium herbicides
  2. Determination of polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/PCDF)
  3. Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) related dioxins
  4. Determination of chloroalcanes C10 - C13.

Drinking, mineral, spring and curative waters and bathing water:

Analytical sampling of different kinds of water are carried out in accordance with applicable legislation:

  1. Drinking water: Government Decree no. 354/2006 as amended.
  2. Mineral water: Environment Ministry Decree no. 100/2006 setting the scope of water quality monitoring and its classification.
  3. Packaged water: Resolution of the Ministries of Health and Environment no.608/9/2004-100, published in notice no. 198/2004 as amended.
  4. Water for bathing: Environment Ministry Decree no. 308/2012

Surface water, water for irrigation and water for fish farming

  1. Water Law no. 364/2004 and Environment Ministry Decree no. 556/2002
  2. Government Decree no. 269/2010 setting the qualitative aims of surface water and conditions for release of waste and special water into surface and underground water.
  3. Government Decree no. 269/2010 setting the list of parameters and their limit values, setting the acceptable pollutions of general surface water courses (annex no.1), water for irrigation and water suitable for life and reproduction of fish (annex no. 2A), surface water meant for use as drinking water (annex no. 2B).

Waste and special water

Analytical sampling is performed in accordance with the following legislation

  1. Government decree no. 269/2010
  2. Environment Ministry Decree no. 315/2004 (operational monitoring, inspection monitoring).
  3. Government decree no. 269/2010 establishing particularly harmful materials in waste water as per annex no. 10

Sampling water

In addition to analytical sampling of all kinds of water, our company provides services connected with taking samples, including an accredited sampling report. Samples are performed either through simple collection in sample containers, or via pumps. Water samples are collected in specially cleaned sample bottles, which are prepared by our laboratory according to approved internal procedures so as to preclude contamination of the sample after it is taken.